What is Iowa Code School?

Iowa Code School is a place where anyone can learn the technical skills they need to succeed.
We are centrally located in Des Moines, IA and are headed by the best in the industry.

Jobs for web developers are expected to grow by 27% through 2024.

Our Mission

Our goal is not only to teach programming. It is to teach practical skills that will serve you well in the real world. Lessons are taught by industry professionals, who are not only well-versed in programming but have started successful companies with the technology they create. They will teach you the skills you need to be successful at your job or business using technology by teaching the skills you need and not the ones you don't. We pride ourselves on teaching “down to earth” skills.

What You Will Learn

As far as technologies go, we are starting by teaching some of the most powerful and popular languages today. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are the cornerstone of web development and design. They are the only three technologies with which you can build anything, from websites to mobile apps to desktop applications to games to server processes. We will teach you the basics and then dive into common tools and frameworks used by the industry, like jQuery.

No Huge Commitments

We believe programming is best learned when you can dedicate focus and persevere through the hard parts, but we also understand that not everyone has the time or money to dedicate to intensive month-after-month full-time courses costing thousands of dollars. We want you to be able to get started for free and attend whichever coding sessions you desire. Over time, you can learn whether programming is right for you and do so without breaking the bank.

The cost? It's free. Join us today.
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